The entrepreneurial facets of public administration

This paper provides a map of entrepreneurial facets that are considered relevant in the public sector. Mapping aims to highlight entrepreneurial characteristics and behavior, which are conducive to increasing effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy of public administration, with the aim to raise public welfare. Empirical data and literature review show that through new behavior, entrepreneurial practices and patterns, higher quality services can be provided to the public, making simultaneously more rational management of available resources and increasing the overall prosperity of citizens. The paper highlights the concepts of corporate entrepreneurship, innovation and organizational learning in public administration. The conclusions reached in this work indicate that the change and innovation in entrepreneurship are necessary for the survival and development of the public sector.


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K. Karyotakis, M. Bakatsaki, V. Moustakis, “The entrepreneurial facets of public administration,” in Synthesis 2015 - International Scientific Conference of IT and Business-Related Research, Belgrade, Singidunum University, Serbia, 2015, pp. 327-331. doi:10.15308/Synthesis-2015-327-331

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Karyotakis, K., Bakatsaki, M., Moustakis, V. (2015). The entrepreneurial facets of public administration. Paper presented at Synthesis 2015 - International Scientific Conference of IT and Business-Related Research. doi:10.15308/Synthesis-2015-327-331

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