Information systems for business planning

This The aim of this paper is to analyze the information systems as integrated systems of man and machine for providing support for the operations, the management and the decision making function in the organization. The integration of business planning and information systems is considered as an important factor of doing successful business and gaining competitive advantage in the changing world. Business planning software is developing during these recent years according to the growing needs of users and enterprises to adjust to the dynamic environment and to innovate and advance their business activities. They are a significant instrument for the quality of the strategic planning process. The differences between the traditional and modern systems of planning are elaborated in the paper. The problems of the planning process that is managed traditionally are emphasized. The main concentration is given on the numerous innovations, the use of information technology and the new trends in software, programs and systems that have changed the way enterprises carry out and control the planning process.


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S. Kozuharov, N. Ristovska, “Information systems for business planning,” in Sinteza 2014 - Impact of the Internet on Business Activities in Serbia and Worldwide, Belgrade, Singidunum University, Serbia, 2014, pp. 595-599. doi:10.15308/sinteza-2014-595-599

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Kozuharov, S., Ristovska, N. (2014). Information systems for business planning. Paper presented at Sinteza 2014 - Impact of the Internet on Business Activities in Serbia and Worldwide. doi:10.15308/sinteza-2014-595-599

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