Internet Robotic Software -potential and applications

internet robotics, bots

Internet robotic applications, known as "bots", have a broad spectrum of usage which grow exponentially alongside development and mass usage of internet itself. Best known example are Google bots, which access various internet contents, read and parse to raw data and then stores it in appropriate form in central database, which allows it's effective search on demand and effective display of relevant inqury. However, bots can be much more sophisticated, for example to take role of living person in some simple or complex operations, either for acquiring some data or update/insert data as and in behalf of some business system/software, doing so faster, more efficient, and without human error factor. This makes them very attractive segment of internet software, both for users and developers. In this paper, the bot's potential is illustrated on example bot which does automated access, search and presenting multiple sets of data regaring enterprises in Republic of Serbia, by using public records of databases of APR and NBS.


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V. Stanojević, M. Veinović, “Internet Robotic Software  -potential and applications,” in Sinteza 2014 - Impact of the Internet on Business Activities in Serbia and Worldwide, Belgrade, Singidunum University, Serbia, 2014, pp. 863-867. doi:10.15308/sinteza-2014-863-867

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Stanojević, V., Veinović, M. (2014). Internet Robotic Software  -potential and applications. Paper presented at Sinteza 2014 - Impact of the Internet on Business Activities in Serbia and Worldwide. doi:10.15308/sinteza-2014-863-867

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