Using Web-based (Re)sources in Teaching Academic-level English

Multimodality in the domain of teaching English at university level stand as an incontrovertible given. Novel Internet-facilitated methods emerge imperceptibly, thus incessantly occasioning conducive milieux for organic and topically pertinent mechanisms of language teaching. This paper aims to underscore a skein of relevant content-abundant web-based resources successfully integrated into the curricular scope of advanced-level Contemporary English Language courses taught at the University of Banja Luka. Conceptual categories from the purview of Internet linguistics will serve as the linchpin of the research tenor corroborating the notion that the creative process and its deliverables are cognitively enhanced by dint of real-life textual input easily accessible via Internet. For the purposes of this small-scale survey samples from various dedicated online corpora and websites with online exercises such as the online Corpus of Contemporary American English, Breaking News English, Howjsay (an online dictionary of English pronunciation) will be used and conceptually parsed.


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E. Muhić, D. Milinović, “Using Web-based (Re)sources in Teaching Academic-level English,” in Sinteza 2014 - Impact of the Internet on Business Activities in Serbia and Worldwide, Belgrade, Singidunum University, Serbia, 2014, pp. 393-396. doi:10.15308/sinteza-2014-393-396

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Muhić, E., Milinović, D. (2014). Using Web-based (Re)sources in Teaching Academic-level English. Paper presented at Sinteza 2014 - Impact of the Internet on Business Activities in Serbia and Worldwide. doi:10.15308/sinteza-2014-393-396

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