A Great Potential of E-Banking in Serbia

E-banking and its use have improved whole banking industry, banking management and induced quick transformation of a society. E-banking use gives several important advantages to banks and their clients, which prevail in comparison to its drawbacks and resistance to its use. In the past e-banking use gave to a bank characteristic of innovative one, while today it is condition to its survival. In Serbia e-banking use got momentum during the last decade, mainly due to foreign banks, newcomers to the market. Today each single bank offers e-banking services. However, in spite of quick development domestic supply is still bellow the offer in the advanced transitory economies. At the same time there are still signals of resistance to its use among entrepreneurs and citizens. The aim of the paper is to envisage the contemporary stage of development of e-banking in Serbia and to prepare comparative analysis of development of main distribution channels between Serbia and countries within the Region. Those results of the investigation and assessment of its development level would be used in an attempt to suggest measures on both levels: the level of national economy and level of each single bank, by which e-banking use can be improved.


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M. Hadžić, V. Mladenović, M. Krulj Mladenović, “A Great Potential of E-Banking in Serbia,” in Sinteza 2016 - International Scientific Conference on ICT and E-Business Related Research, Belgrade, Singidunum University, Serbia, 2016, pp. 418-423. doi:10.15308/Sinteza-2016-418-423

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Hadžić, M., Mladenović, V., Krulj Mladenović, M. (2016). A Great Potential of E-Banking in Serbia. Paper presented at Sinteza 2016 - International Scientific Conference on ICT and E-Business Related Research. doi:10.15308/Sinteza-2016-418-423

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