Theoretical Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Session

Analysis of Bayesian Symbolic Regression Applied to Crude Oil Price
Krzysztof Drachal
Analysis of Social Media Posts Related to Postpartum Depression a Summary Protocol on How to Develop a Remote Laboratory
Ulfeta Marovac, Aldina Avdić
Application of Neural Networks in Video Game Simulation
Biljana Tešić, Marko Marković, Katarina Marković
Convolutional Neural Networks for Real and Fake Face Classification
Natalija Perišić, Radiša Jovanović
On Quasi-Cyclic Codes of Index 1½
Biljana Radičić
Grey Wolf Optimization for Position Control of a Direct Current Motor Driven by Feedback Linearization Method
Mitra Vesović, Radiša Jovanović
Point Object Extraction from Scanned Topographic Maps for the Digital Topographic Maps Production
Miloš Basarić, Marko Mrlješ, Saša Bakrač
Prediction of Gold Price Movement Considering the Number of Infected With the Covid 19
Jovana Stokanovic Sevic, Ana Jovancai Stakic
Regression Analysis Applied to Influence of Traffic Flow Parameters on Emissions of Combustion Products
Milan Marković, Dragana Velimirović
CFD Analysis Applied to Smoke Extraction in Car Park Caused by Single Fire Source
Milan Marković, Andrijana Đurđević
The Process of Training a General-Purpose Audio Classification Model
Petar Petrović, Nemanja Ćoso, Sanja Maravić Čisar, Robert Pinter
Software for Reliability Testing of Thermomechanical Installations
Milan Marković, Andrijana Đurđević