Information Secuity and Advanced Engineeing Systems Session

An Insight Into Facial Mask and Social Distance Monitoring System Based on Deep Learning Object Detector to Prevent Covid-19 Transmission
Javed Irum, Khalid Samina, Shehryar Tehmina, Mehmood Yesir, Ahmad Iftikhar
Comparative Analysis of Consensus Algorithms in Blockchain Networks
Luka Lukić, Nenad Kojić, Mladen Veinović
The Tools and Resources for Clinical Text Processing
Ulfeta Marovac, Aldina Avdic
Microraptor Gui - a Lightweight Remote Rendering Process Monitoring Software
Ivan Radosavljević, Mladen Vidović, Nebojša Nešić
Audio Signal Preparation Process for Deep Learning Application Using Python
Mladen Radaković
Comparison of the Efficiency of Aes Implementations on Major Web Platforms
Uroš Arnaut, Milan Tair, Mladen Veinović
Cyber Security and Privacy Protection During Coronavirus Pandemic
Vida Vilić
Modelled Neural Networks for Multiple Object Tracking
Ivana Walter
Optimal Payment Infrastructure for the Internet of Things
Jelena Matić